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Sam Sarkar dropped out of Concordia University’s film program in the middle of writing his first-year, film history exam. Through no fault of his own, he became an actor and worse yet, a writer.

Adding insult to injury, he became a board member of the performer’s union and wound up as its president. He briefly came to his senses in the late 90s and worked as a sound-technician but that was short lived. A further descent into madness ensued and he became director of development for Infinitum Nihil emerging from development hell over a decade later as CEO of the company.

He has written two graphic novels and been a consultant for the US intelligence community in counter-terrorism and organizational restructuring. Most recently he produced ‘Minamata’ (2020) Infinitum Nihil’s production of the story of the town that fought industrial mercury poisoning for many decades assisted by the journalistic work of W. Eugene Smith and his wife Aileen Mioko Smith.

He executive produced Doug Stanhope’s comedy special ‘No Place Like Home’ (2016) and he was an executive producer on Infinitum Nihil’s documentary ‘Crock of Gold’ (2020) about the life of legendary Irish musician Shane MacGowan.

He can be seen shirtless opposite Brad Pitt in Legend’s of the Fall.

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